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Caravan storage

Secure caravan storage in North Devon

Save time, fuel and money by storing your caravan at Hedley Wood Holiday Park. Forget the hassle of having to tow your caravan across the country and, instead, leave it at our park in a safe and secure environment.

Take the stress out of those long journeys and come and go as you please when you store your caravan at our park. Just call or email us 24 hours before you intend to arrive. We’ll tow your caravan onto the pitch of your choice (with or without electric hook-up) ready for you to use – and you only pay pitch and tow-out fees when you stay.

With caravan storage in North Devon at our park, all towing, service and storage services are carried out with the utmost care. Cleaning/repair services are also available (please contact us for details).

A single charge of £10 will be made each visit for towing the caravan onto your pitch and returning it to the storage area.

Cost of caravan storage in North Devon at Hedley Wood

Total overall length of van measured from front of tow hitch to rear end of van. All costs are charged monthly in advance. Prices below are for the 2018 season.  

Caravan sizeCost
Up to 17ft£28.17 per month/ £338 per year
17ft - 21ft£32.50 per month / £390 per year
21ft - 23ft 6in£36.83 per month / £442 per year
23ft 6in and over£41.16 per month / £494 per year

If you would like to know more about storing your touring caravan at Hedley Wood Holiday Park why not get in touch with us today? Simply give us a call on 01288 381 404 or fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will get back to you.

Conditions of caravan storage

  1. Storage charges are payable by monthly standing order. A charge of 10% will be levied on the next storage payment, if payment becomes overdue.
  2. It is strongly recommended that your caravan is fully insured whilst it remains on park. Insuring the caravan lies entirely with the owner; we accept no responsibility for the consequences if this is not done.
  3. The handbrake and towing gear must always be in good working order. Note – lubrication of the jockey wheel and tow hitch must be done regularly. Defects will be corrected and invoiced accordingly.
  4. Vans must be washed annually by mid-June and be of good appearance. Unwashed vans that are clearly dirty will be cleaned and the owner invoiced accordingly.
  5. Caravans and contents left entirely at owners’ risk.
  6. It is recommended that all valuables be removed from the caravan during the winter months.
  7. Storage fees – if after 6 months, fees remain outstanding, we reserve the right to sell the caravan at current trade price to recover the monies owed, plus interest and any other appropriate costs incurred. This will only be done after notification to the owner.
  8. We will tow your caravan onto a pitch as required but this will be at the owners’ risk and on his/her own insurance, which should be sufficient to cover the request.
  9. When towing on/off the van must be ready to tow with the legs raised and loaded so that the front end is capable of being lifted by hand. Any damage resulting from this not being done will be the responsibility of the van owner/user.

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