5 simple steps to ownership
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Steps to ownership

We understand that buying a holiday home is a big commitment and so it is important that you take the time to understand every aspect before completing the deal.

There are many questions that you and your family need to consider, from location and running costs, to your social needs and finance options.

To help you through this complicated process, we’ve put together a checklist of questions you should ask yourself to ensure you take the right steps to holiday home ownership.

Step 1: Is the holiday home lifestyle right for you?

• Do you want to spend more time on holiday, somewhere that friends and family can also spend time with you?
• Do you want to let your holiday home when you’re not using it?
• Have you reached the stage in your life when quality leisure time is important to you?

Step 2: Why choose Hedley Wood?

• Is the location right for you?
• Does Hedley Wood have the facilities you are looking for?
• Is being close to coast and country what you’re looking for?
• Are you looking for quiet location or do you want to be close to all the action?

Step 3: We’ll help you find the right holiday home for your new lifestyle!

• What type of holiday homes are available?
• What’s the difference between models and manufacturers?
• What is the range of prices?
• What are the available finance options?
• What other expenses will be involved during each year?

Step 4: Find your pitch on the park!

• Which area of the park would best suit your needs?
• Can we choose the holiday home pitch on the park?
• Do certain plots or areas have differing pitch fees?
• After purchase, when will my holiday home be sited?

Step 5: Understanding the costs

• What is your budget? You need to be aware that a caravan can cost anywhere between £29,995 and £89,995
Can you afford the running costs, such as insurance, site fees, water rates and energy costs?
• How do you intend to finance the purchase of your holiday home? Did you know we offer finance packages? Ask us for more details.

Becoming an owner

• How long will the sale take to complete?
• When will we get the keys?
• Who will be our key contact once we are owners?

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