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How much will it cost?

It is essential that you consider all the costs when considering buying your caravan holiday home in Devon at Hedley Wood.

As well as the initial purchase price, which can range from anything between £29,995 to £89,995, there are some other long-term costs that you need to consider.

What costs should you consider?

The purchase price is the main cost when buying a holiday home. Prices vary depending on the age, size and specification of the holiday home. At Hedley Wood, our used caravans start from just £29,995.

You will pay an annual pitch fee to cover the costs of water, site maintenance, and facilities. This starts from £2,500 per year and varies depending on the size of your holiday home and plot.

Utilities and extras

Electricity is metered and billed quarterly, gas is bottled and is paid for when we replace each bottle for you at your request.

To protect your caravan over the cold winter months, it is advisable to perform a winter drain down. You can do this yourself, or we can provide this service for you.

Your caravan should be insured annually, and there are specialist providers offering appropriate policies.

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